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Friday, July 30, 2010

2009-10 BAP Pack Breaks

We headed up to the city today so I stopped in my favorite hobby shop to check out anything new on the market. I cured myself of the UD Ultimate so no need to go there. I decided to crack some 2009-10 BAP, pulled some neat cards, especially the triple auto from Myers and Hedman. Some of my favorite players too, love the Hartnell and Aucoin cards. I opened 4 packs at what I thought was $14 a pack and then thought about another, pulling a double hit, Couture patch and Raymond auto. The till was rang up to find out the packs went up to $18 a pck. Yikes, but better stuff than before. The kicker in my mind was a better card pulled from the $18 pack than the $114 pack. Hmmm...

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